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Brax Jewelers Rules of Engagement


30. You may have met her on a blind date but don’t buy the diamond without seeing it!

29. It’s okay not to adore her sister.

28. Buy her the engagement ring on her Pinterest board!

27. Don’t fret about having 3 months of your salary saved because it is not a rule!

26. Book your Brax limo ride before you propose! It’s our Brax gift to you.

25. Order your Brax flower arrangement to make it romantic!

24. Word of advice: do NOT put the ring inside of a food or drink, it’s a health hazard so safety first!

23. It’s okay to tell your best friend your ring size, that’s what best friends are for!

22. It’s usually considered uncourteous brag or show your ring to your single friends...unless the ring is from Brax.

21. Did you choose her as “the one” based on her weight, height, and hair color? If so, then don’t buy the diamond based of these qualifications.

20. You may have met her on a blind date but don’t buy the diamond without seeing it!

19. Propose... like a boss!

18. Be his favorite hello, and hardest goodbye.

17. Ask for her parents blessing whether you like them or not, It’s key!

16. Use her full name when you propose.

15. The proposal should be a complete surprise to her so don’t mess it up!

14. When proposing go down on one knee it’s a must!

13. Have a photographer or videographer, or anyone to capture the special moment.

12. Make sure her nails are done.

11. Just remember: the wedding hashtag is more important than the cake.

10. You may have found her on the web, but it doesn’t mean you should get her ring from there too.

9.  If it’s true love, the only thing you should change about her is the ringless finger on her left hand.

8.  Do NOT tell your mom that you found her on Tinder.

7.  Don’t let the days go by where you don’t hug each other.

6.  It’s okay to do crazy things when you are in love.

5.  Buying an engagement ring is not a business transaction, it’s a romantic experience.

4.  Make sure to propose with the ring.

3.  Only propose in public if it’s a lock.

2.  There is no discrimination in marriage, to Brax Jewelers love is love.

1.  Let your love sparkle like an engagement ring from Brax Jewelers.


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