Meet Amy

Amy AstaraeeAmy Astaraee, is the owner of Brax Jewelers in Newport Beach.  In 2005, she opened her jewelry store because she believed in creating deep connections with her customers. They are so much more than customers, they are family. Amy is always excited to help you plan a unique proposal or pick it out the perfect gift for your special someone.

Amy is also a mom of two daughters. Being a mom has inspired Amy to help other children around the world so through her jewelry company, she helps many charities and has become a strong humanitarian.

Amy has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and A.J.P. (Accredited Jewelry Professional) degree from GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

In her spare time, Amy enjoys oil painting, playing the piano, and swimming. She looks forward to helping you find the perfect jewelry piece for yourself or that special someone.