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Antique Restoration

Posted on Monday, November 30th, -0001 at 12:00 am by Amy

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Every piece of jewelry has a story behind it but antiques have history. They have gone through the trials and tribulations of time which is why they are so valuable. Whether it be an heirloom passed down or vintage jewelry you discovered in your attic, antique jewelry is certainly valuable. It deserves the utmost care in restoration and here at Brax we understand that restoring an antique back to its former glory can be a precarious and daunting task. We know that the choices we make in terms of restoration will determine how it fares in the future.

Restoration Process:

Step 1

The first step in a restoration assessment is to determine what is at fault. We meticulously examine the piece and uncover its secrets. If it was previously worn, if it was damaged and repaired before, how well the repairs were done, and  the condition of the metal and stones.

Fun fact: a lot of restoration involves the correction of poorly done repairs. After the assessment we go back and examine it again.

Step 2

Then we make the changes and adjustments necessary for the restoration.

Step 3

After we finish the restoration, we then again double check to make sure everything is in prime condition because it is our job to honor the legacy and preserve the history of antique jewelry.

The restoration involves various methods such as:  replacing or retyping the existing prong by adding gold or platinum, tightening the stones, replacing the chipped stones, polishing and replacing the shank on the ring, replacing chains on necklaces, replacing clasps, refurbishing and repolishing and recutting stones. Since each individual piece has different needs, we don’t have a set price. 


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