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Beat the Heat, It's Free! Get your Dream Jewelry for FREE!

Posted on Friday, May 25th, 2018 at 5:56 pm by Amy

Beat the Heat, It's Free!

You could get your dream jewelry for free!

If you purchase an item between June 1st and June 27th, your purchase will be available for refund in July. If the temperature reaches 86 degrees on the 4th of July measured at John Wayne Airport, the money you paid for your item(s) will be refunded (minus the sales tax) and you will get to keep your item(s). There is no limit! When the temperature hits, you will get your MONEY BACK!!! You'll get to keep your jewelry for FREE!

We are insured, so we want the temperature to hit 86 degrees just as much as you do! It is currently projected that the temperature high will be 87 degrees, so let's all keep our finger crossed!

*Any Online Purchases Made During June 1st to June 27th Will Be Excluded From This Promotion Unless Approved By Amy Astaraee. In-store Purchases Only.*



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